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Ambassador 2024

Ambassador 2024


Sitecore Send: that brings excellent value to all scale businesses with its standalone API-first, composable solution

I was a speaker at SUGHYM Virtual Meet on a productive discussion on Sitecore SEnd, bringing excellent value to all scale businesses with its standalone API-first, composable solution. This session was initially planned for November 4th but the organizer changed it to November 17th

Sitecore Send

Sitecore Send, bringing seamless marketing campaign to everyone

I was a speaker at SUG Brazil session on November 16th. I shared my experience on Sitecore Send and showed a demo on how to create a regular marketing campaign

Sitecore Send

Slack support on implementing Hcaptcha in Sitecore Forms

Dev asked for a suggestion on how to implement Hcaptcha in Sitecore forms. I shared some general steps.

Sitecore XP

SUGCON NA Speaker: Sitecore Send Power, bringing Seamless Marketing Campaigns closer to everyone

I was a speaker at SUGCON NA in Minneapolis on October 5th (Room Minnetonka C at 5:15 pm). It was a 45 minute presentation where I shared a description of Sitecore Send, all of its features and shared a brief demo.

Sitecore Send

Sitecore Send Updates

A blog that shares Sitecore Send latest updates

Sitecore Send

Mastering Marketing Campaigns: Unveiling Sitecore Send's Next-Level Strategies

This blog shows how Sitecore Send revolutionizes campaign management with its dynamic A/B testing, repeatable, and real-time RSS campaigns. As a member of the #sitecorecommunity, and in a world where impactful marketing is non-negotiable, Sitecore Send stands out with its user-friendly interface, empowering you to refine strategies, boost conversions, and engage audiences like never before.

Sitecore Send

Sitecore released Sitecore XP 10.3.1

A quick summary of what was included in Sitecore Experience Platform 10/3 Update 1

Sitecore XP

Unlock the Power of Marketing Campaigns with Sitecore Send: Seamless Management and Compelling Results

Discover the Power of Sitecore Send for Seamless Marketing Campaigns! This incredible platform offers a range of campaign options, including regular, A/B testing, repeatable, and RSS campaigns, empowering you to connect with your current and potential customers like never before.

Sitecore Send

Streamline Your Campaign Management and Marketing Automation: Unlocking the Power of Sitecore Send

The blog provides an introductory summary of Sitecore Send's features and benefits, and the way it helps improving campaign management and making use of state-of-the-art marketing automation.

Sitecore Send

SUG Latam co-founder

Me and a couple of Sitecore enthusiasts and friends got together and started the Sitecore User Group LATAM. The Sitecore User Group LATAM! Our motto is, 'What we learn, we share.' To achieve this, we organize virtual and in-person events in different cities to share knowledge and experiences about the world-class Sitecore platform. We have organized 10 virtual sessions, and two Sitecore Days in Manta - Ecuador (09/18/2023) and Yachay-Ecuador (11/16/2023).