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Technology 2024

Technology 2024


Supported Sitecore adoption across my orgs

This year, I've conducted a number of internal training sessions and helped a number of individuals get certified in Sitecore. (mainly at Avanade, but started on the same initiative at Verisk now)


SUGCON NA 2023: Composable Digital Experience Enterprise: from Sitecore xDB to Sitecore CDP/Personalize

Sitecore has been at the forefront of composable architecture for several years now, and as Composable Products continue to evolve, many organizations currently utilizing the Sitecore Experience Platform are actively seeking an efficient pathway to transition to Experience Cloud. Logically, having a pathway from xDB to Sitecore CDP/Personalize could offer an excellent opportunity for organizations to adapt to this innovative Composable paradigm smoothly.

In this session, I will demonstrate ho...

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Baltimore/DC Sitecore User Group: Sitecore CDP & AI – Connect and activate customer data across your ecosystem.

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Delivering Personalized Experiences with Sitecore CDP/Personalize and ChatGPT

In this blog post, we will showcase how to use ChatGPT to provide businesses with a competitive advantage and enhance customer experiences. Firstly, we will explore the potential of implicit or behavioral personalization in real-time, seamlessly integrated with...

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Conversational Analytics: Exploring the Role of ChatGPT as a starting point for AI-powered Omnichannel Analytics

ChatGPT, as an AI-powered tool, has shown great potential in helping businesses make sense of their data. While it may not replace a full-fledged data science framework just yet, it can certainly serve as a valuable addition to your organization’s data analytics toolkit and be used as a proof of concept for introducing AI-driven frameworks.


Copy Sitecore CDP Data from AWS S3 Bucket to Azure Data lake with Azure Synapse

Are you looking to transfer your data from Sitecore CDP with Azure Synapse? This blog post will provide step-by-step instructions on copying your Sitecore CDP data from an AWS S3 bucket to Azure Data Lake using Azure Synapse and Sitecore data lake export service.

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Creating Sitecore Customer Data Product – Sitecore CDP or Azure Synapse?


SUGCON EU 2023: Modern Digital Experience Platform Analytics & Composable Enterprise

Composable Enterprise and Data Mesh concepts are on the rise, and there is an excellent reason for that. Organizations strive to deliver innovation quicker and adapt applications more dynamically - to do so efficiently, organizations need to rely on composable principles. A domain-driven analytical data architecture such as data mesh would supplement Sitecore Composable Enterprise design principles to deliver modern data analytics solutions at scale. This session will showcase how to start apply...

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Sitecore Composable DXP – Strategy 2.0

The landscape of the digital experience platform (DXP) is constantly changing as new technologies and trends emerge rapidly. One significant development in recent years is the emergence of Composable DXPs, which offer a more flexible and modular approach to managing...